Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Mike Jaggerr

Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Mike Jaggerr




Should Mike Jagger Quit His Day Job?


Mike Jaggerr is an explosive up and coming artist/ producer/ songwriter hailing from Wilmington, DE. Beyond a triple threat, he is also an accomplished composer, arranger, and filmmaker. Coming from humble beginnings, Mike Jagger knows what it means to be hungry. That’s why he has such a keen sense on how to transcend and overcome. A musical child-prodigy, Mike Jaggerr has been performing since the age of 14. Even more amazing, he has been producing music since the age of 13.

Mike Jaggerr formerly known as “Miracalous” began his music career with a bang as a front man in the world-renowned youth hip hop and R&B group named BASSLINE. During his time with BASSLINE, Mike Jaggerr developed and honed his talents as a performer, songwriter, and producer. BASSLINE released three studio albums (The Foundation, State of Emergency, and Elevator Music) for which Mike Jaggerr significantly contributed both his performance and music production skills. The group went onto tour all around the United States and abroad bringing their infectious talent to diverse audiences. A couple of BASSLINE’s major tours included the Vote or Die Tour, the Scream Tour and the Big Bang Tour. A major motion picture is currently in development about Bassline and Mike’s life. The script centers around Mike and his journey is featured prominently.

Today, Mike Jaggerr is a grown man. He has started to shape a new vibrant sound and brand that is uniquely his own. Equipped with his new sound and undeniable energy, he is ready to lead the next generation of hip hop lovers into a new era. His new songs “Rainy Days” and “Away” are already causing a stir within the hip hop community. Make no mistake about it – Mike Jaggerr is a hip hop artist, who is dedicated to the integrity of hip hop music. He is not afraid to cut against the grain and share his opinion, which is evidenced by “The Freshmen Bully EP” which he released in 2008. In Freshmen Bully, Mike Jaggerr, in the spirit of pure competition, challenges artists, such as, Charles Hamilton, Wale, and Kid Cudi. For him, music means “breaking up with your doubts, cheating on your fears and making love to your dreams.”

And just when you thought you knew Mike Jaggerr, he shifts gears and puts on another hat as a composer, arranger, and filmmaker. Under this hat, he has already worked on projects for Nike and vitaminwater. Mike Jaggerr is just getting started. The Takeover begins. Enjoy.

Here are Mike Jaggerr’s submissions:

Tired Of Runnin’

Rainy Days

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