Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Dot S!LLY

Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Dot S!LLY

Weigh In: Should Dot S!lly Quit His Day Job?


Creative, charismatic and, of course, silly — all describe Dot S!LLY. The up-and-coming 22-year-old producer/songwriter was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York where he honed his musical sound.

S!LLY discovered music was his calling at the tender age of seven after winning a talent show alongside his older brother Terelle. By 11, S!LLY was rapping, and at 13, he was producing his own tracks. While perfecting his delivery, witty punchlines and heartfelt lyricism, S!LLY began to make a name for himself on his neighborhood streets.

Along with his mentor and best friend, Hollywood Mane, things started looking up for the young talents. By 2001, S!LLY was heard by names such as Spliff Starr, Geda K. and Nitty from TrakMasters. One year later, however, things changed for the worst when Hollywood Mane was murdered.

Saddened and angry S!LLY stood determined. He went on to released his first project titled My Book and My Pen, which was a minor success. “To be 15, 16-years-old and have teachers and classmates supporting my music made me feel like I could really make this a bigger reality,” he says.

Eventually he joined childhood friends John Streets and L. Presidente to form their independent label, Team BaddNewz Entertainment. Shortly thereafter, the Brooklyn artist debuted his first official mixtape with Team BaddNewz titled “S!LLY C!ty.” Remarkably, S!LLY was able to move over 10,000 copies independently throughout the NY-NJ-CT tri-state area, Atlanta and Miami.

Fast forward to the present, S!LLY’s newest release Silly City Vol.2 showcases his musical versatility combining his skillful production and clever wordplay. With new tracks like “Highest Light” and the street anthem “Riding Along,” S!LLY is already stirring up talk on the streets of the Big Apple as well as the Net.

The recently loss of his older brother last year caused the project to be delayed, but with his lost S!LLY is more motivated than ever. Ready for whatever cards the world of music has left to deal him, the artist continues to show his multiple talents. This songwriter/producer is taking on all aspects of the music and is determined to leave his footprint in the game.

Make way for the Prince of Brooklyn because from here on out this is… S!LLYS CITY! For more on Dot S!LLY visit

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