Don’t Quit Your Day Job – D ROC

Don’t Quit Your Day Job – D ROC


WEIGH IN – Should D Roc Quit His Day Job?


Taking the Crown out of Crown Heights, Brooklyn-born music producer D ROC is not unfamiliar of how it feels to sit on the throne of creativity. This church-bred Jamaican- American honed his craft in the holy temple, learning music composition, the piano and drums. He learned the repercussions of playing against the rules of the streets from his elders and when introduced to the nightlife of New York City, found his calling as a music producer.

At 17, when most teenagers were planning prom or contemplating life after graduation, D ROC attained his GED while lacing a track on hip-hop artist, Fabolous’s, “Real Talk” album. Ecstatic to hear his beat on regular rotation at local radio stations D ROC felt he had his foot at the threshold of success. Yet, he took a step back upon learning that his name did not appear in the song credits because of miss-management. This finding exposed him to the harsh reality that nothing as what it seems in the music industry. Quickly building his catalog with various beats and instrumental plays, he instantly developed a back-up plan that included getting his own business on track.

After regrouping and teaming up with industry players such including executives at Violator Management, Al Butta of Kobalt Music Group and attorney Jerry Rosen, his schedule began to fill up fast with daily meetings and sessions lasting from the early evening until the early morning. His hard work and resilience has paid off, with producing The Game’s most talked about track ‘It’s Okay (One Blood)’ featuring a sample from reggae artist Junior Reid, has quickly blazed the charts and the album (Doctors Advocate) went on to sell 4million records worldwide. With a thirteen-minute remix featuring some of hip-hop hottest lyricists, D ROC simply smiles and sits back in his chair, thumbing through his next hot track. Other hits produced by D ROC include, Fabolous: “Do the damn thing” feat. Young Jeezy, Fabolous:“Holla at somebody Real” feat. Lil Mo’, Juelz Santana: “I am crack” and international smash hit by Sirens “When the sirens go off ” feat D-Roc.”

Now, officially a multi platinum selling producer and CEO/ Owner of Heat Rock productions, D ROC has decided to turn the table and give fans the opportunity to hear music produced, written and recorded by him. After recently releasing the street anthem titled, “Go Brooklyn” D ROC was put in a ground breaking position and offered a publishing deal with the #1 Independent publishing company in the world, Koblat.. With his soon to be released debut album, “Elements of a producer” D ROC is still producing classic radio tracks for artist including Busta Rhymes, Movado etc.

When questioned about his musical style, D ROC states, “Very little sampling is involved and I simply keep up with what is prevalent within the music scene.” Complexity and color within his beats? He shrugs and replies “They’re indescribable…I take a beat and make it into a style; no two mixes sound the same.” When asked what he does in his free time D ROC smiles and replies, “There is no free time, music is my life.”

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