Consequence Talks Rap Game Economics

Consequence Talks Rap Game Economics

Consequence visited The Breakfast Club and dropped some knowledge about the music business verse rap game, the economics of beef, why it’s hard for artists to put their records out, saving Big Sean from getting dropped and if Kanye West is the G.O.A.T.

“With the releases and even with the “beefs”, they’re based really behind economics. This the music business. There’s a big difference between the rap game and the music business. The music business has the mailman dropping off BMI checks to you, Koch checks to you, Sony, Warner Brothers. The rap game is kinda like what’s going on on the internet and the social networks, where you got people who are buzzing, but it has to transition into commerce for it to make sense for the big wigs to put the money behind it.”

“We was talking about Pusha and Wayne, because Pusha’s on GOOD Music and I been on GOOD Music so I know, Kanye’s not sitting in the studio with you unless you got a threshold budget that allows him to do whatever he wants. It’s not to put his [business] out there but it’s just real. When you got guys like GLC and Really Doe, they didn’t come out, not because he don’t like them but because the economics didn’t make since for him to commit himself to that.”

“Is [Kanye West] the best rapper that ever did it? It really depends on how you way and from what perspective you look at rap and lyricism. From a purist stand point, is he the best? No. I wouldn’t say that because if we thinking about from the inception of Hip Hop, then you would have to say no because of the fact of the assistance factor. He does write rhymes but he’s had assistance. Not just myself. I’m disconnected from just slander at this point so I can say with clarity, like Rhymefest helped, there’s a few people who have contributed to the final product of the artwork. Does it make him a smart business man? Yeah. And he not the only one. I just think that Hip Hop has such a self-righteousness with it because of some of the golden age cats who make these unsaid laws but they don’t really live by them because they would do the same thing.”

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