Ciara Defends The Dream After Her Fans Attack

Ciara Defends The Dream After Her Fans Attack

Check out this interview from the BET Radio Room, where Ciara defends The Dream for his recent comments about her career. The backstory: he did an interview in Parlour Magazine and some of his comments about Ciara caused her fans to attack and he ended up deleting his twitter page:

Speaking of producing you’ve got a track on Drake’s “Thank Me Later” LP called “Shut It Down” and you’ve just finished writing Ciara’s entire new album too. Is this really her last shot at pop stardom?

I think so. You only get so many times to, and I won’t say fail, but not achieve. There’s an expectation of where Ciara should be in her career. To others, she’s achieved but not to us, because we saw where her career was headed. But now she’s back on the horse. When she first came out I, like Lil Jon and Jazee Pha, understood exactly who she was. It was that whole Atlanta vibe because if i’m not Atlanta, no one is. I knew if I had a chance to get with her creatively, there’s a specific type of swagger that she’s got. Tricky and I did her whole album, but it’s not all shallow songs like “Ride.” There’s play time but there’s substance too, it’s a great listen.

The Dream has since stated that Ciara is his sister and his comments were taken out of context: “I believed in Ciara when everyone else walked away and talked shit I love her that’s my sister! Actions speak louder than words.”

Here’s what CiCi had to say:

“Let me tell you what the thing is about Dream. If you don’t know him you’ll misunderstand him. And the one thing about him is he has a big heart you know so he never means to come from the wrong place. However sometimes when he speaks he may say something and it comes off a certain way so I talked to him and I really got on him. I was like yo, what are you talking about! I don’t even understand what you’re trying to say…but it’s all love we’re like brothers and sisters.”

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