Bryan Greenberg On Making It In America

Bryan Greenberg On Making It In America

Bryan Greenberg stopped by the Morning After and talks about playing Ben Epstein, the lead character of the hit HBO show “How To Make It In America.” He talks about how he got the role, breaking his wrist while mountain biking in Pueto Rico, having one of the baddest chicks in the game [something Munn], living in LA, the perks of being single and starring on a tv show.


We’re big fans of the up here. If you’ve never seem an episode… thanks to Yardie you can get familiar.

P.S. Props to our boy Dan Roy who made his HBO debut in Episode 6 of the show. He’s one of the party goers that looks like he’s the type that likes to work hard and play hard. Don’t blink or you may miss him. Dan is a contributing writer on the Morning After. He helped pen all of the episodes of Mama I Wanna Ring and Cipha Sounds Investigation.

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