Bow Wow Discusses Daughter, New Album

Bow Wow Discusses Daughter, New Album

Bow Wow, the first rapper to visit The Breakfast Club from the YMCMB camp, came to talk about his coming album Underrated, tearing up on 106 & Park when talking about his daughter, reconnecting with his father and more.

With a recent appearance on BET’s 106 & Park, Bow Wow almost teared up when he discussed his daughter. “She’ll be 1 in April and I’m not even gonna lie, it was hard for me to look at [Rocsi] while I was talking about [my daughter]. It’s a touchy situation because I love her so much and it is my first [child], but I had to reel it back, even Stunna was like:, ‘It look like you was about to drop one.”

Angela then mentioned reconnecting with his father and if that decision was inspired by his newborn daughter.“I did it out of self because it felt like something that I needed to do as a man.” It had been four years since Bow Wow and his father spoke and they stopped due to his father’s issue with alcohol.

“My father is a heavy alcoholic, been that way my whole life. I’m grown now and I felt like I wanted to connect with my fam and build what was lost. So that is why I reached out to him, it was all out of love and I guess he felt like I was tryna disrespect him somehow by having it on my webisode. But if you watch it, I was estatic talking to my pops like ‘what team you like? Who you running with this year?’ But then all of a sudden I see something crazy pop-up, from my two half-sisters, on the ‘net, they rachett ass.”

Charlamagne then advised Bow Wow to share his personal experiences on his next album to help him transition from being seen as a child star.

“I do, and that’s what makes this album so special. It’s less of the bling but, ‘Underrated’ is really my story, like Charlamagne just said he aint even know that [my father was an alcoholic] and that’s the same thing that Snoop said. I just put this 3-min video with Snoop talking about me. He said, ‘man you a fool, you do all these movies but you never did one on yourself?’ and I said to him nobody wants to see that. He said listen, you got a story that needs to be told regardless if it’s you or not. As a five-year old kid you were around Death Row, you was around me and Dr. Dre, we fell apart and you went to Atlanta. Someone else got you, you’re moms had to get in a car pack you, the story of a black woman, single woman, the whole nine yards and when he said it I was like, ‘Yo, that sounds crazy.'”

Watch the full interview for more especially for Bow’s timeless reaction when asked if he ever dated Kim Kardashian.

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