Angela Yee’s 2011 Fashion Picks

Angela Yee’s 2011 Fashion Picks

Dr. Jays sat down with Ms. Yee to get her spring fashion picks for 2011.

What’s your favorite shoe for spring 2011?

Alexander McQueen‘s gold leaf shoe. I love gold accessories, and shoes with interesting heels, and these fit the criteria.”

Who is currently your favorite footwear designer?

“I know everyone loves Louboutins, and so do I. I also like Camilla Skovgaard and YSL.”

What is your one dream shoe this season?

“I’ve had my eye on the Louboutin Ambertinas, but they’re $2400 and they don’t seem to be going on sale anytime soon!”

How high can you go with heels? Does size matter?

“I like anything six inches or higher, and yes, size does matter! I couldn’t imagine wearing kitten heels. Either you wear heels that are super tall or you wear flats, there’s no in between. The compromise would be wedges, but those would have to be tall also.”

Whose footwear closet would you love to raid?

LaLa Vasquez, no doubt. Every time I see her she has the nicest shoes on. I’ve never seen her in a wack pair.”

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