Affion Crocket Gets In The Flow

Affion Crocket Gets In The Flow

Affion Crockett is well known for the hilarious online sketches of him impersonating rappers such as Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, Drake, and appearing on the hit series Wild N’ Out. Now he’s got his own sketch comedy show called In The Flow with Affion Crockett, that debuts tonight at 9pm on FOX.

When discussing the show with The Breakfast Club, Affion said, “I like to call it the nephew of In Living Color. I studied all them dudes. A lot of people would shy away from the comparisons and be like, ‘Nah I’m nothing like the Chappelle Show, I’m nothing like In Living Color.’ No, no no. I’m doing the same thing they doing, but I have my own brand that I started…”

He said In The Flow is a hip hop based show. “It’s for us,” Affion says. “I’m trying to get the community to understand.” Charlamagne asked him if he feels any pressure about the show succeeding.

“I feel no pressure at all,” Crockett says. “I feel like what I did with this show, was I put my passion into it. Thats what I love to do. God forbid it don’t go any further, I’m going to still keep doing my thing. Pressure only comes when you put your ego in it. You trying to out do yourself, or compete with the next person. I don’t compete with none of those guys. I’m a fan of theirs. I’m a student, and I’m just continuing my own version of it.”

He talks about the network getting him together with Jamie Foxx to executive produce the show. Envy asked him what it was like working with Jamie. Angela asked him about the show taking a long time to launch, and if people get mad at him for spoofing them. He discusses what Jay-Z said to him when he ran into him at Obama‘s inauguration party. He said he doesn’t really like doing stand up and respects guys like Kevin Hart, saying he’s a “beast.”

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