2 Gunz Up With The Breakfast Club

2 Gunz Up With The Breakfast Club

“Everybody doesn’t give me the freedom to make a mistake. I feel like I should have the freedom to be late to one or two things… Nobody’s going to want this more than I want it.” – Cory Gunz

The son and the senior Gun stopped by The Breakfast Club. Cory is the son of Peter Gunz, who along with Lord Tariq, released the hit “Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)” back in the 90’s. Cory Gunz has been on the scene since 05 bouncing between several major labels and releasing numerous mixtapes. Last year, he officially signed with Young Money Entertainment. He also linked up with Nick Cannon, who’s co-managing him and executive producing his MTV reality show, Son Of A Gun. About to turn 24, it’s been a long time coming for Cory. “It’s a lot of pressure but at the same time I’m ready, I feel like its now or never” he says.

They discuss the situation with their lawyer Ed Woods. Peter said he established a team for Cory and hooked up with Nick Cannon. Ed wanted to manage Cory and said that they didn’t need Nick; and that’s where the controversy started. Peter said that he trusts Ed and that they still do business, but that he definitely let Ed get to comfortable. Cory talks about being in the Universal Music system since he was 16, where he’s currently signed now with YM. Cthagod asked about Cory getting taken off Lil Wayne’s “A Mille” record. Peter said that he leaked the song with Cory’s verse after the track was released, and Wayne wasn’t feeling that. Cory talks about working in the studio with Ryan Leslie, wanting to make a classic album, and says who he wants to collaborate with in the future.

Charlamagne asked them, why they think Cory hadn’t popped off yet. Cory replied…

“Honestly, I couldn’t blame it on anybody else… I wouldn’t say its me, I just really think its’ a timing issue. I didn’t feel that the time was right until now. I don’t look at anything that I’ve been though in the past as a mistake, but more as like a stepping stone to get to where I’m at now.”

Peter responded…

“I personally think that Cory’s lyrical ability and being from New York is a gift and a curse. Fortunately, he’s with a brand now that makes records, and they want to break their artists. As opposed to a lot of companies saying find the record, get it hot, and then we’ll jump in. Anybody that knows, they say Cory’s dead nice, but can he make records?”

Peter talks about Cory being signed to Def Jam saying they wanted to dumb him down. He talks about getting the release from the label and leaving, thinking they were going to get a deal at Jive, but he explains that things didn’t work out that way. Envy asked Peter about going out on the road with his son and him being the old guy at the club. Cory said that people think their brothers.

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