2 Chainz Is Spendin’ It

2 Chainz Is Spendin’ It

2 Chainz joined The Breakfast Club to discuss his new mixtape, the success of “Spend It”, Playaz Circle, and major labels.

Charlamagne Tha God played a clip of the French Montana interview in which DJ Envy said French was hotter than 2 Chainz. Envy admits 2 Chainz is hotter right now than French. “We going on our 121st show this year, French,” says 2 Chainz. “Somebody had actually showed me the clip already. So I found it amusing then. And then I’m into competition, friendly competition, I love that. Me and French had already done the record once he did the interview. So then I was like, ‘He need to go on and leak this record that I did for him.’ So were supposed to be shooting a video for it. But for the most part, there is no one probably hotter than me as far as on an indy and close to being major.”

Charlamagne asked why he didn’t sign with DTP as a solo artist. “Right now I’ve just grown as a person, as an artist,” Chainz says. “I already had that boss kind of nature. I’m really into just developing my own imprint, developing my own brand. I been up under him for long enough, so it’s no disrespect. I’ve definitely taken a lot from that situation, but right now I just feel like it’s time for me to cash out”

DJ Envy said major labels have been calling him about 2 Chainz and C Tha God heard he wants a million dollars to sign. “That’s the low end,” Chainz said. “You have to understand, everything that you guys have seen. Every video that you’ve seen. Whether it’s on MTV, everything that you’ve seen. Every mixtape that you’ve ever seen, every shirt, every cup. Evertyhing that ever been pressed up has came out of my left pocket, period! Out of my pocket! So I feel a certain way about that. So when people just call me out the blue [and say], ‘I hear you buzzing’. You not understanding, the time, the patience, and the hours of prayer I’ve done as far as putting it into this project.”

Chainz said 13 artists have called him to get on the “Spend It” remix. He discusses getting T.I. on the official remix, doing more shows in New York, being a product of his environment, T.R.U. REALigion mixtape, touring with Lil Wayne to perform his verse on “Duffle Bag Boyz”, flying in Ludacris‘ private jet to do the BET Cypher, the decline of ATL rap scene, industry love, album features, and much more!

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