Lip Service The Blog: Things That Men Do That Women Hate!

Things That Men Do That Women Hate!

1) Leave an empty toilet tissue roll In the bathroom for you to change. 

2) Will not ask for directions but won’t know where he is going. 

3) Say how much he hates weaves but cheats on you with a girl with a weave. 

4) Acts like he doesn’t know how to cook when you’re around but when you are gone for a long time sends you a picture of something he made. 

5) Complains about how much money you spend but spends way more than you and on WAY dumber things. 

6) Doesn’t think following the girls he is flirting or cheating with on social media is a big deal. 

7) Won’t be in by dinner time but will wake you up to heat up his food when he gets in. 

8) Acts like he doesn’t know how you got pregnant. 

9) Catering to his mom 

10) Not in shape but makes comments about our body. 

11) Sleep with the TV on. 

12) Goes shopping and doesn’t buy me anything. 

13) Lie, badly. Continue to lie after they’ve already been caught. 

14) His friends have to do something first for him to think its cool even though you mentioned it first. 

15) Never the right time to talk about anything that’s wrong in the relationship. 

16) Doesn’t plan the dates.

17) Always late.

18) Won’t accept the same treatment they dish out. 

19) Hang with dead beat dads and don’t say anything to them about it. 

20) Front like they don’t have sex during our period.