The Morning After 1 Year Anniversary Re-Cap

I’m still recovering from the 1 year anniversary party for the Morning After show on Shade 45/Sirius XM Radio. DJ Wonder, Emoticon, and I hosted the event at Taj, and so many people helped us out. Sometimes we live in a bubble, where we just show up to work, do our jobs, and go home so it’s definitely an ego boost when you realize that people know and like the show.

The evening kicked off with the ladies showing up early to get their makeup and false eyelashes done, courtesy of KISS Cosmetics. Hennessy Black was on hand early as well, so we could get sloshy (nothing like drunk girls at a party).

Then my girls from Lux Sugar came down with the specialty cupcakes and dessert bars (www.lux-sugar.com) and I ate about 8 of those.

Thanks to everyone who made it out and made us feel sentimental :) Special thanks to Kenny Hawthorne, Jessica Rosenblum, Nicole LoPresti, Kharisma Pari, Paul Estevez, Tony Martinez, Heidi Ledgister, Shari Ledgister, Peggy Noel, Rashidah from Bourgeoisie Shoes for my favorite shoes ever, and everyone else behind the scenes who helped me reeeelax and get twisted.

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