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Weird Science – “Here’s a free bumper now STFU.”

Antennagate…. That’s what the iPhone 4  antenna issue is being called…  And Steve Jobs came out sounding like a nerd disappointed that the teacher screwed [...read more]

Weird Science – iPhone gets Street Fighter IV & iPad gets a Camera (maybe…)

Part 1
Part 2
[Transcript - minus the crazy ad lib action.]
Playstation users worldwide are feeling a little bit PSPeeved today, that’s because a glitch in the [...read more]

Mama I Wanna Ring – Episode 1

Remember this?

Mama I Want to Sing was supposed to be released 2 years ago starring Ciara. It was suppose to be her “Dream Girls” [...read more]

The Morning After 1 Year Anniversary Re-Cap

I’m still recovering from the 1 year anniversary party for the Morning After show on Shade 45/Sirius XM Radio. DJ Wonder, Emoticon, and I [...read more]

Celebrate With Us! Download the Exclusive Mixtape!

The Morning After One Year Anniversary Mix by DJ Wonder
CD Track Listing
1. Tonight’s Da Night (Remix) – Redman
2. Angela Yee With Eminem
3. [...read more]