R.A. The Rugged Man Gets Serviced


R.A. The Rugged man brought a big dose of crazy to Lip Service last night. In what will go down as one of our kookiest guest appearances, R.A. redefined rough sex by telling us stories of crumbling plaster walls during the act and how he likes to bite, scrape and choke his partners.

Our lovely female guests, Jeri J and Holly Marie played nice and entertained us all with stories of their most embarrassing bedroom bloopers while dodging R.A.’s not so subtle attempts to get the girls to bare their breasts.

As if you can’t tell, it was another great night. Here are the highlights:

R.A. on his Big Balls: “My penis is a typical penis, it’s not no 9 inch cock but it’s pretty typical but I have these monster sized balls.”

R.A.’s most embarrassing sex story: “It’s so disgusting, I don’t even want to say it.”

R.A. on licking booty holes: “I actually like to eat a little asshole, if it gets a little funky I like it.”

Holly Marie on getting her nipples pierced: “I just got them pierced and I am in love with them!”

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