Party With Power

Party With Power this Friday, December 9th, at Key (58 Park Place, Newark, NJ). The event hosted by Angela Yee…

JoJo Simmons Addresses Rumors

JoJo Simmons visited The Breakfast Club to clear up the rumors about him that have been online recently. JoJo discusses…

The Decision (Merissa Vs. Rochelle)

Merissa's boyfriend Jontae called up the show because her sister Rochelle's been acting crazy and has been making threats so…

Donkey of the Week (Rosie Brovent)

Donkey of the Week goes to Rosie Brovent. She wanted her ex-boyfriend Ryan Fitzjerald to tattoo a scene from the…

Hoe Appreciation (Natalie Nunn)

The Breakfast Club honored Natalie Nunn for Hoe Appreciation.