OJ da Juiceman Talks Booing and his new life


This morning we sat down with OJ da Juiceman. As much as people criticize, I’ve always liked this guy. I feel like Soulja Boy had to face the same kinds of issues when his first album came out. It’s always nice to see someone progress in life, and if you hear what he went through in just the past year, maybe you’d be happy for him too!

OJ da Juiceman talks about how different his life is from last year, when he got shot 8 times and found out he had type 2 diabetes in the same week. He reveals that he had to give himself shots every day in his arm or stomach, but now he can take pills daily. He used to weigh 204 lbs and is now down to 156 lbs.

“I’m just happy to be here because man I swear to god boy I coulda been outta here. I just wanna keep up, especially with having diabetes I just wanna stay on point with it because there’s so many things that can go wrong with your body.”

OJ da Juiceman talks about getting booed at BB Kings and how it seemed premeditated.
“I never came in the game saying I was the best lyricist. I came in the game with traptivity. Ifyou know about traptivity, it’s really not based on vocabulary. It’s based on life experiences on coming up in the street and dealing with drug related activities to pay your bills…”


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