MLB All-Star 2017 Players Party

Angela Yee hit the red carpet for the MLB Players Association Party. Before the party was in full swing she had the chance to speak with the all-star players, hall of famers, and the brains behind the Infield Chatter App, Tim Slavin. He shared that the purpose behind the app was to create a platform for baseball players to directly connect with the fans. During the party Lenny Kravitz also graced the stage with a legendary performance.

photocredit: @hitstape

While on the carpet, the all-star players and celebrities shared their reactions after attending the Home Run Derby, their to go music before a big game or before heading out to a party, and advice they would give to their younger self.

photocredit: @hitstape

Some of the athletes and celebrities that attended were Dave Winfield, Roberto Clemente Jr., Meek Mill, Jeffrey Hammonds, Ervin Santana, Brad Hand, Mike Moustakas, Cody Bellinger, Craig Kimbrel, Michael Conforto, and How to Get Away with Murder’s Billy Brown.

photocredit: @hitstape

Author: @shantiab.tv

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