Lisa Raye & Da Brat Talk Single Ladies, Rumors, Jail

Lisa Raye and Da Brat called The Breakfast Club to discuss their “Single Ladies All White Affair,” that took place over the weekend. Lisa talks about her hit show, Single Ladies, and addresses the various rumors. DJ Envy asked Lisa about the rumored rift between her and Stacey Dash, “If that was true,” Lisa said, “We would not have the chemistry we have on the show. And I think we have awesome chemistry.”

Angela Yee asked if she reads a lot of rumors that are untrue. Lisa said, “I think what really happened is, even with the Stacey Dash and the rumors about us on ‘Single Ladies.’ They tried taking that and snowballed it the effect of just two people that was just fighting on the set and working. It made a story on its own. I’ve heard so many things. But you know what, it’s really good drama for the show, and we use it for just that. We know it aint serious, we know people are talking, we know we got haters. But at the end of the day, we know we got a great show, so we no worried about that.”

Charlamagne Tha God said Lisa’s what he calls, “vintage vagina.” She replied, “you should call it seasoned, marinated vagina.” Envy asked her if she’s into young guys.  She said the youngest she would go is 40 and that “40 is the new 30.” Lisa said, “I’m a very accomplished person. I’ve been a former first lady. I’m an actress. I been world traveling. I’m cultured. I’ve done things in my life, that I don’t want to have to teach somebody those things all over again. I’m really at that point where I’m not playing any  games. My daughter is grown. I want to live life and have a lifestyle I’m used to, and accustomed to. I want bigger, better and more.” She said a young guy will keep you entertained though.

Angela asked her is she’s looking to date or wants to stay single. Lisa said, “I love being in love. I love the feeling of love. I love fighting life with a life partner.” She went on to say, “I can’t hold anything against anybody. Nor do I want to bring my old baggage to anybody. I want to be the best me that I can bring to that person. So I’m working on me and just trying to learn from those mistakes. Thats what you got to do, that’s life.”

Da Brat got on the line and talks about this being her first trip out of state since she got out of prison. She said everybody’s been treating her good.  “I’ve been getting a lot of good reviews of everything I been doing,” she says. “I’m real grateful to be back in the game. And then “Look At Me  Now” made everything great for me.” Brat said, “Every day I’m in the studio. I don’t actually know when an album is coming out. I’m trying to hit this tour since I can go out of town. With the mixtape and the years of songs I got out already. I’m recording everyday. I got tracks from Pharrell, JD. I’m just trying to stack the catalog.”

Charlamagne told her she should work with different producers, besides Jermaine Dupri, to diversify her sound. “I got a joint from Timbaland. I got a whole lot of up and coming producers thats got some hot beats. I’m trying to vibe on a lot of different peoples tracks. I ain’t never going to really step away from JD. Without JD, there wouldn’t be no Brat. Point blank period.”

Angela asked about her prison experience and if women tried to approach her aggressively. “A whole bunch of females was trying to get at me,” Brat said. “It’s a all female joint. People know that I’m very versatile. You had your cinnamon girls, trying to get me because I’m a pretty young thug. Then you had your other type of girls, trying to get at me because they see me get all girly and look fly. Yeah, I had people approach me. As always, just like on the street.” She said everybody was cool and that she didn’t have any problems.

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