Lil Boosie Talks About His Upcoming Trial

Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie showed up to “The Morning After” in a rather somber mood. Even though he’s in town promoting his new album “Superbad: The Return of the Bad Azz” dropping September 15, he has other things on his mind. The main thing is the tracking device strapped around his ankle, which is a constant reminder of his upcoming trial set for September 28.

According to Officer Nicholas Locicero, Lil Boosie tried to bribe him after being pulled over last year, on October 22. He was subsequently arrested and charged with marijuana and weapons possession. As a result, he’s facing up to 20 years for marijuana possession and a mandatory minimum of 5 years for having the gun in the car.

There’s 2 sides to every story, and Boosie explains how the police in Baton Rouge have it in for him and what actually happened that day. He may have a history of being a bad ass, but he feels that is behind him and the legal system in Baton Rouge can’t stand to see his success.

On his current mind state:
“I got a tracking device on, I got a big trial Sept 28. I’m just staying focused, you know I think about it every day but I just go home doing music after music not knowing what my situation would be. I’m just praying right now and staying strong and making music.”

On being a target in Baton Rouge:
“In Baton Rouge we got a crooked court system. And I’m a target down there you know. I’m not even a convicted felon… it’s getting bigger and bigger you know, they putting things on the news. They showing me on the news doing all kind of other stuff not showing the good side I do. All my giveaways to the community and things like that. It’s just a hick town, you know, and I’m in it.”

On past incidents:
“Everywhere I go they pulling me over they hacking me up. About a year ago they came in my house for nothing, just kicked the door, shot bombs in the house. I got kids in my house and everything. Who the hell give you permission to shoot bombs in the house?”

On what happened October 22:
“They followed me, I was at one of my homie’s funeral and they target me and they followed me and whatever. The police officer put all kinds of fake statements in the report saying I didn’t ask for my lawyer when my lawyer was right across the street and they denied him talking to me. They said I asked to bribe him. I told him none of those things. They said I said I’ll just tell the police that the weed was only in the state already and things like that. They put all kinds of statements in the report… they have no tape recordings they wrote nothing down like that. It just showed up in the report. It’s a lot of things they trying to put in there as far as my dvd. They said I was smoking marijuana in one of my dvd’s. This has nothing to do with you profiling me, pulling me over, things like that. The gun was legal, my cousin he’ll be on the stand for trial letting them know…I didn’t know the gun was in the car.”

With all this information, you can surely understand why Boosie hasn’t been enthusiastic in recent interviews. Stay tuned to find out what made him smile after all, we’ll be posting the video later this week!

Listen to Boosie’s interview here: