“Let’s Talk About Pep” VH1 Reality Show

This Monday the queen of reality TV, Pepa, has a new show debuting. Below is the press release and an interview with the single ladies who will be featured as they look for love.

Let’s Talk About Pep – PREMIERES MONDAY, January 11, 2010

“Let’s Talk About Pep” is a real-life comedy following Sandra “Pepa” Denton of Salt-n-Pepa fame as she emerges from her self-imposed romantic and sexual dormancy of the past four years as she begins to search for love again. After years of living a celibate life in order to focus on finding “the one,” Pep has realized that giving up sex actually got her nowhere in the relationship world. She didn’t “evolve,” she didn’t land a husband and the only close relationship she formed was with her exercise bike. But she’s not the only one. Her three closest girlfriends are all single and searching too. The four friends will laugh, cry and dish the dirt as they support each other along the way. “Let’s Talk About Pep” has been picked up for eight half-hour episodes and is set to premiere Monday, January 11th.

Sandy “Pepa” Denton was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Her family moved to Queens, New York when she was a child. In 1985, Pep and Cheryl “Salt” James formed the rap group Salt-n-Pepa. This groundbreaking group sold more than 15 million albums and singles worldwide. In August 2008, Pepa released her Autobiography titled “Let’s Talk About Pep.” “Let’s Talk About Pep” offers a glimpse into the fame, failures, and successes of her celebrity life. Pep appeared as a cast member on VH1’s Surreal Life in 2005, and has appeared as an actress in several other film and television roles. Several years after Salt-n-Pepa’s break up, VH1 released, The Salt-n-Pepa Show, documenting events from the lives of Salt and Pepa. In the midst of her stardom, Pep’s love life truly had its highs and lows. Four years ago, Pep took a vow of celibacy, but now, she’s ready to get back into the mix… with her own reality show on VH1, Let’s Talk About Pep, a show about sex, dating, and finding Mr. Right!

Sports Journalist and Model Joumana Kidd was born in Foster City, CA and is a graduate of the San Francisco State University with a BA in Speech Communications. Joumana’s broadcast resume includes the role of a national news correspondent for Extra, as well as for NBA Entertainment. She has covered the red carpet for Extra at the Grammy Awards, the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame inductions and the Daytime Emmys. Joumana has been spotted on the sidelines of some of the most exciting sporting events, not to mention hanging out in the VIP section at some of New York City’s hottest venues. Joumana, recently divorced from NBA Star Jason Kidd, is back in the dating world and loves being single. Her downfall…bad boys! There’s something about those guys with an edge that keeps Joumana coming back for more. Joumana is an independent and confident woman…Can she find a man who will keep her on her toes?


Kali Troy a.k.a “Kittie” is the wild child of the bunch. She was born in Washington D.C. and received a degree in Print Journalism from the University of the District of Columbia. Kittie is a voice over artist and spent many years in LA working for BET. She was known as the voice of Cita on the BET animated series, Cita’s world. Kittie, with her many voices, definitely speaks her mind! This aggressive chick is looking for a man who can handle all that Kittie brings to the table. Though Kittie has been known to look for love in all the wrong places, she is willing and ready to find her man! Can the men of New York City handle Miss. Kittie? We will soon find out…

News journalist and TV personality Jacque Reid is much more than just a pretty face. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Jacque graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a B.A. in Print Journalism, and further mastered her craft with an M.A. in Broadcast Journalism from Northwestern University, Jacque has gone on to become one of the most prominent women in the media. She has made appearances on the BET Nightly News, CNN Headline News, Larry King Live, and the View. Jacque is presently the co-host of the DL Hughley Morning Show on New York’s 98.7 KISS FM radio. Her website, jacquereid.com, features news, entertainment, and a more personal view into Jacque’s world through her blog. Jacque is a true southern girl, taking an old fashioned approach to relationships and sex. Whereas Jacque keeps an open mind about current events and cultural issues, when it comes to men and dating, Jacque knows exactly what is looking for and isn’t afraid to say it. Jacque Reid is in search of a good man…but more importantly, she wants to be a mom. Whether it involves asking her best friend for sperm or speed dating for prospective donors, this is one woman who knows what she wants and is willing to do almost anything to get it!



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