Kat Stacks x Angela Yee = Classic Interview

Kat Stacks called into the morning show today, and it was one of the most controversial interviews we’ve done to date. Previously, she posted the phone numbers and addresses of multiple rappers she claims to have dealt with in some manner. She also told stories of who she slept with, potentially causing drama in their private lives. The question is, why would you give this woman any attention?

We’re certainly not the only outlet that has interviewed her, and if you’ve ever heard my show I do try to be as objective as possible. There’s no denying that this whole situation brings up many issues. This isn’t the first time that a woman has slept with a bunch of celebrities and then talked about it. Some people believe she’s lying and they haven’t seen any evidence that Kat Stacks knows these people. She says she has text messages to prove it.

If you look at her website you can see that she had a rough life growing up, having been abused by her uncles and mom, her baby’s father, running away from home, and even attempting suicide. When she felt she was being mistreated by these rappers, left stranded with no money and no way home, she lashed out by posting youtube videos exposing them. She probably had no idea how much attention she would get. As someone stated, this goes on all the time in the music business but in general the women don’t talk.

Take a listen and judge it for yourself. Do you believe her?




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