Hot Games w/ Lainie Speiser & Nicki Minaj

I know a lot of people are into role-playing, and it’s something I still haven’t tried. Thankfully, Penthouse magazine columnist and author Lainie Speiser was on the show this morning with her latest book, “Hot Games for Mind-Blowing Sex: Erotic Fantasies You and Your Partner Can Try at Home.” She lists (complete with visuals) some of the most common role playing fantasies and tells you how to pull them off successfully.

There’s the Sex Worker Fantasy scenarios, which include the streetwalker & the john, the high-class call girl & the john, and the stripper & the customer. Or perhaps you like the secretary and the boss scenario, or the burglar and the victim. There’s even the master and his slave girl (gulp!)

Exactly how important is it to incorporate these fantasies into your life? Just check out what Nicki Minaj said on “Lip Service,” when she discusses her 5 female characters who may happen to show up in the bedroom and why it’s necessary:

“Lisa is the bitch that comes and f*cks you for 1 night when your wife is gone… you gotta be like that and you gotta stay in character …if you go there the guy will go there.

What I’m saying girls is, step your p*ssies up get some role playing names and get a certain thing that each girl does. You have to have 5 personalities and all those girls are known for something.”

In case you missed it, here’s how things went down on the show. Our listeners gave their secret fantasies, and some of them get, um, strange:

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