Freeway Speaks on Beanie & Jay Beef


Philadelphia Freeway called up to The Morning After with Angela Yee and bogarted my Straight News segment this morning. He told us he was on his way to Brooklyn to shoot the video for the song “You Know What I Mean” off of his Jake One collabo album “The Stimulus Package” (dropping Dec 16th).

He also said that he breaks his silence about the Jay-Z vs. Beanie Sigel beef in his new song “Love is a Battlefield” which we will debut tomorrow.

Here’s what Freeway said when Angela asked about Jay-Z responding:

“Knowing Jay, if it was anybody else I’m sure he probably would have been responded, but it’s a touchy situation being as though everybody was so tight at one point.”

Check the full interview below.


Be sure to check back tomorrow for the DEBUT of “Love is a Battlefield”!!


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