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Diddy stopped by “The Morning After” and discussed the comparisons between “Last Train to Paris” and Kanye’s “808’s and Heartbreak.” He said they definitely don’t sound alike and that he started doing some singing when he did the “Press Play” album with the “Last Night” song. As far as the upcoming Dirty Money album:

“There’s a great buzz and curiosity about what it is. People assume that it’s some electro-techno international stuff because they hear the word Paris. In the world people make assumptions but when the album comes out you’ll be able to make your own assumption.”

Diddy reveals his album will be out in the early part of 2010, and that labels aresn’t setting artists up properly. Along those lines, he talks about his love of marketing and the gift and curse of having so many different jobs.

When asked about his previous belief, that sleeping is a waste of time, he said he changed his mind about that and now recommends getting 6-8 hours a night. Part of that reason is the insomnia he’s been battling that has caused him to seek help from a sleep therapist.

We all hear about artists who gripe with Diddy and some have even taken to the media to express their discontent. He sets the record straight here, and addresses these issues including the most recent Yung Joc allegations.

“I haven’t had no more issues than Def Jam has had with artists, than Jay has had with artists, that whoever has had, every label has. This is a cycle that we have. It comes with the game people. I’m not doing nothing to jerk up no… I make my money, I gets busy. I don’t have to take from nobody, jerk up nobody, give nobody a bad contract.”

Diddy continues to explain that most artists get out 2-3 albums and that’s the usual bid on the island. The problem is that people relate Bad Boy to 1 person.

“Heavy is the head that wears the crown.”

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In the finale of this interview, Diddy addresses the rumor that when Jay-Z released “Death of Autotune” he had to go back and change his record because he had done the entire album in autotune. He stated that only 3 songs have that effect, and that a lot of people believe “Angels” does but in reality it has a flanger on it.

“It’s just a vocal effect. I don’t understand what the hoopla is about.”

Diddy says that T-Pain did 1 song on the album and explains why T-Pain has been ducking his calls. And of course, he responds to Aubrey O’Day telling Wendy Williams that she could have stayed on the label if she would have slept with him.

“There’s no way in her right mind she think that I would hit that. That’s not even possible. Also I just wouldn’t hit that. Just real talk. If that was at the club I wouldn’t hit that. That’s not my flavor boo.”

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