Color Full Lives Presented by State Farm

Join stars Angela Yee (Lip Service, The Breakfast Club), Francheska (The Friend Zone, YouTube “Hey Fran Hey”) and Tatiana King-Jones (Fan Bros) for an in depth discussion on being an African-American woman in media and the wider work force.

Each week the ladies of Loud Speakers will share tips and insights on how to get the most out of life when it comes to work, friendship, health and love. #LiveColorFull

Topics discussed this episode include:

* Angela explains the importance of networking and internships
* Angela’s trick for negotiating a better salary and how to ask for a raise, a skill many women struggle with
* Fran and Tatiana talk about tips for success in the digital age
* Fran’s tip to grow your team overnight without spending a dime
* Plus, a story you’ve gotta hear about how Jay Z stressed Angela out before a big job interview.