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TIME Names Mark Zuckerberg P.O.T.Y.

 “On or about December 1910, human character changed.”
— Virginia Woolf, 1924
She was exaggerating — but only a little. Woolf saw a fundamental shift in [...read more]

Weird Science – Thou Shalt Not Facebook

This thanksgiving about 50 New Jersey families will be gathering around the dinner tables reflecting on their good fortune, bountiful food and thankful that they [...read more]

Weird Science – Kik It! (Word to Bobby Simmons*)

After years of witnessing Apple eat away at it’s market share in the personal computer and Nintendo regain it’s place as America’s favorite console… Microsoft [...read more]

Weird Science – Killa Cam to Direct Avatar Sequels!!

First off fans of James Cameron’s Avatar will have reason to cream their jeans… not only is the release of Avatar in 3D on [...read more]

Weird Science – Tough Act to Follow

Now I ain’t one to gossip, but let’s get some comic rumors out the way first…
(Click here to listen, scroll down to read.)
Part 1
Part 2
Last [...read more]

Weird Science – It’s About to Get Racial In this Piece

UPDATE! – What a difference a day makes… Say hello to the Playbook.
Apple started it with the successful release of their IPad and now it [...read more]

Weird Science – Let’em Know Ur In The Building!

Yeah man its 11:11am East Coast time, do you know where your children are? What about your friends, siblings, or significant other? Well [...read more]

Weird Science – F*ck it! Youtube Does It Live!!

YouTube, the world’s largest video site, has pretty much been sitting on the sidelines as other websites such as Ustream and Livestream take the lead [...read more]

Weird Science – Meet Mark Zuckerberg

Who says geeks are boring.  Social Network, a movie that’s due in movie theaters in a little more than a month is a cautionary [...read more]

Weird Science – It’s Back to School B!tches

It used to be about having teh freshest kicks or the latest bag, but now having the right gedget is just as importnat if you [...read more]