Category: The Decision

The Decision (Cameron Vs. Robin)

Cameron's wants to get back his ex-fiancee who left when she found out he cheated. He says he was forced…

The Decision (Shane Vs. Teale)

Shane's girlfriend Teale thinks they're moving to fast in their relationship of 10 months on The Decision

The Decision (Nicole Vs. Keke)

Nicole is fed up with her 40 year old mother Keke because of her partying lifestyle on The Decision.

The Decision (Rory Vs. Mother)

Rory and Andrea are in a inter-racial relationship and Rory's mother Mrs. Fletcher is does not approve on The Decision.

The Decision (Isabella Vs. Tony)

Isabella is suspicious of her boyfriend Tony because he has a private Twitter and Instagram accounts and won't be friends…

The Decision (Jermaine & Allen Vs. Renee)

Jermaine and Allen recently got engaged but haven't told Jermaine's mother yet. Listen to what happens when they tell his mom…

The Decision (Angelica Vs. Gary)

Angelica and Gary have been together for 8 years but Gary never wanted kids. Angelica stopped taking the pill without…

The Decision (Trevor & Jelena)

29 year old virgin Trevor asks his friend Jelena to be his first on The Decision.

The Decision (Ro Vs. Justin)

Ro is upset that Justin keeps calling his girlfriend Triana and harassing at all hours of the night on The Decision.

The Decision (Leslie Vs. Nikki)

Leslie asks her friend and roommate Nikki if she can move out because Les has been hooking up with Nik's…

The Decision (Keith Vs. Jessie)

Keith confesses to his friend Jessie that he has a crush on her on The Decision. Only problem is, he…