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  • Lip Service Episode 67 Ft. Blac Youngsta

    Blac Youngsta has his first drink, Hennessy and lemonade, with Angela Yee, Stephanie Santiago and Gigi Maguire. He gives his tip of the day on how to deal with a woman who can’t dress and has a jacked up weave, and goes into detail about a woman who lied to him about her real hair. […]

  • Lip Service Episode Episode 66 Ft. Neef Buck

    Neef Buck joins Angela Yee, Stephanie Santiago and Gigi Maguire and kicks off Lip Service with his Tip of the Day: How do you get out of the friend zone? Gigi talks the politics of splitting up strip club money, and how every girl thinks they have good p*ssy. Everyone gives their general dating rules: […]

  • Lip Service The Blog: Facts About A Mistress.

    Why is it that generally women think that being cheated WITH is “better” than being cheated ON? Why do the women who are being cheated with think that they have more control and leverage than the person being cheated on? Why do the women being cheated with seem to feel smarter than the person being […]

  • Lip Service Episode 65 Ft. Dustin From Friendzone Podcast

    Dustin from the FriendZone podcast joins Stephanie Santiago, Gigi Maguire and Angela Yee as they discuss being attracted to men who are a challenge, holding back from orgasm aka “edging” and Gigi gives her review of the womanizer sex toy she was gifted.

  • Lip Service The Blog: Breakup Bootcamp

    There’s some things you need to know about breakups. Number one, you’re not going to die. With that being said everything else is much easier even though it may feel like torture. Here are some tips that may help you to control your emotions and put the overall situation into the right perspective. Be honest […]

  • Lip Service Episode 64 Ft. Cyn Santana & Betty Idol

    Cyn Santana and Betty Idol unite from Love and Hip Hop New York and Atlanta as guests on Lip Service and play a game of Lip Service Family Feud. They discuss the top 5 ways you can tell a man is whupped, how you can tell a man is undercover, and the top 5 positions […]

  • Lip Service The Blog: Dating Guys With Kids!

    Have I ever told you that I hate dating guys with kids? I’ve had nothing but horrible experiences with it and hear so many horror stories about other people’s experiences ESPECIALLY when the woman doesn’t have children of her own. There’s a number of reasons why it’s not an ideal situation for me personally but […]

  • Lip Service The Blog: How to save a relationship…

    How to save a relationship… So many people are at war in their relationship. People are constantly arguing, constantly trying to WIN the argument and constantly trying to gain the power. Many people are forcing relationships out of familiarity but are not doing to work to keep it healthy. Here are some suggestions to help […]

  • Lip Service The Blog: Mama’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe

    Not knowing who the child’s father is may be a lot more common than we would like to admit. As sleazy as it sounds, it happens. Clearly, because Maury was around for a very long time. Listen to this scenario. A girl gets broken up with by her boyfriend. She’s devastated and vulnerable. A week […]

  • Lip Service Episode 63 Ft. Shannon Briggs

    On this week’s episode of Lip Service, we have veteran heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs on to reveal how he dealt with depression, lying to your partner in a relationship, bedroom nicknames, and role playing. Find out if he thinks it’s possible to disagree with your significant other in politics and/or religion and still stay together, […]

  • Lip Service Episode 62 Ft. Slim Thug

    Houston native Slim Thug comes through Lip Service to discuss why oral sex isn’t his favorite activity, losing his virginity at 12, knowing how to treat a woman in a relationship, & why he doesn’t do “meat mail.” Find out why his house was foreclosed on after having sex with a woman and her daughter, […]

  • Lip Service The Blog: Things That Men Do That Women Hate!

    Things That Men Do That Women Hate! 1) Leave an empty toilet tissue roll In the bathroom for you to change.  2) Will not ask for directions but won’t know where he is going.  3) Say how much he hates weaves but cheats on you with a girl with a weave.  4) Acts like he […]