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  • Lip Service Episode 96: Ft. Fat Boy

    Angela Yee, Stephanie Santiago and guest co-host Aviane “Perfection” Vargas sit down with comedian Fat Boy to have some funny sex talk while his girlfriend sits in and listens. They touch on hedonism, which is better; going on vacation with your significant other or friends, being on social media while in a relationships and masturbation. […]

  • Lip Service Episode 94: Ft. Loopy Blogger

    On this episode of Lip Service Loppy Blooger joins Angela Yee, Gigi Maguire, and Stephanie Santiago. He comes clean on working through his cheating issues with his wife, what occupations have the highest percentage of cheaters, plus more!

  • Lip Service Episode 92: “The M in Man is for Money” ft/ Passport Cutty

    This week we grill the host of podcast “So Shameless” new author Passport Cutty! The ladies get Cutty to discuss how 60 mins of sex earned her $50,000, weeding out “johns” on sugar daddy sites, why guys love the damsel in distress and what exactly is a gold digger. The ladies of Lip Service; Angela […]

  • Lip Service Episode 91: The Wave (Feat. Mack Wilds)

    This episode of Lip Service we put Mack Wilds back in the hot seat! Listen as he explains why he chooses to have Sex with the lights on, having no problem filling up a Magnum, masturbating before a date, as well as exactly why he makes a great side piece! Angela Yee, Gigi Maguire, and […]

  • Lip Service Episode 90: Ft. 3D Na’tee

    This week we have New Orleans rapper 3D na’tee on Lip Service! She talks about her newest video “Maria” and how having a jealous friend inspired it. Which leads to the question, how do you handle a jealous friend? Angela Yee, Stephanie Santiago, Gigi Maguire, & Lore’l discuss adding a body vs returning to an […]

  • Lip Service Episode 89: Pay to Play (Feat. Layton Benton)

    This week on Lip Service we have Pornstar Layton Benton! Layton shocks the ladies of Lip Service as she tells them about her sexual escapades with 70 year old men, being promiscuous since 7 years old, fantasizing about having sex with her “step dad”, and how she finds sex on twitter. Angela Yee, Gigi Maguire, […]

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    Lip Service featuring Trey Songz

    Lip Service veteran Trey Songz stops by and has a provocative conversation with Angela Yee, Stephanie Santiago and Gigi Maguire. He discusses liking woman who are attentive to details, not wanting to marry a girl who is into threesomes, having to take 4 paternity tests, and having sex with Gigi’s friend while she watched. They […]

  • Lip Service Episode 88: Have A Little Faith (Feat. Faith Evans)

    We are honored to have the original Bad girl Legend, Faith Evans on the show! Angela Yee, Gigi Maguire, Stephanie Santiago & Lore’l join Faith in one of the realist conversation ever on Lip Service! To discuss her relationship with Stevie J, and how he changed after they slept together, burying the hatchet with Lil […]