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  • Lip Service The Blog: Ten Things You Have To Remember In A Relationship

    10) Have your nails manicured and clean. Even if he says or you think he doesn’t care, it matters. That soggy wrinkled thumb that you may have from sucking it, is disgusting, to everyone. Chipped nail polish while giving oral is a turn off. He might still let you suck it but he will remember […]

  • Lip Service Episode 72 Ft. G Herbo

    Chiraqs GHerbo stops by and has some belated Birthday shots with Angela Yee, Stephanie Santiago & Gigi Maguire. He discusses finally being legal. The ladies grill him on his body count, his first time going down on a female and how good he was, who he’s bringing home for the holidays and even tells the […]

  • Lip Service Episode 72 Ft. PHresher

    This week we put Brooklyn’s Own “Phresher” on the spot! Listen as he joins the ladies of Lip Service to discuss getting rid of side chicks just in time for cuffing season, explains why there are double standards (p*ssy is gold but d*ck is just a stick) and what role his father played in making […]

  • Lip Service The Blog: Women are not lazy, men are.

    Remember the days when men used to go out and bring home the money for the household bills while their wife stayed home and took care of the house and the children? Now there are heavy debates about splitting rent or men not contributing at all and the women are working, taking care of the […]

  • Lip Service Episode 71 Ft. No Panty

    Salaam Remi puts together 3 familiar emcees to form the supergroup “No Panty” (Joell Ortiz, Nitty Scott, & Bodega Bamz). The trio came to Lip Service and revealed the right time to not wear panties and what they think about women who don’t, what is considered “sexy underwear” for men, and how to tell your […]

  • Lip Service The Blog: 8 Things That Will Get You Cheated On Or Broken Up With

    There is no error proof way to prevent cheating. I don’t want you to think that there’s anything you can do to ensure fidelity but there are common things that accelerate cheating because people feel justified for their actions. Of course cheating should not be their response but many people think they can cheat until […]

  • Lip Service The Blog: DON’T BELIEVE HIM!

    When I hear stories from women there’s plenty of times that I’m listening and thinking to myself, “But you should have known he was lying from the situation alone.” There’s very specific situations that create an atmosphere for lying. Here are the most likely times a man is lying to you. 1) Married – Once […]

  • Lip Service The Blog: Fixer Upper

    I think most single women would like to know when is it worth a “fixer upper.” Some men just need a little or a big push forward from the right woman for him to reach his full potential. The question is how can you tell when it’s worth it or when you’re wasting your time. […]

  • Lip Service Episode 69 Ft. Mr. Marcus

    Porn star legend Mr. Marcus chopped it up with Angela Yee, Gigi Maguire and guest host Valerie Lora about whether or not he ever caught feelings during filming porn, how to stay hard during sex and how you can do amateur porn at home. He talks about STD’s and getting blacklisted, and his experience being […]

  • Lip Service Episode 68 Ft. Simone Missick

    Netflix newest series “Luke Cage” star Simone Missick (Misty Knight) stops by Lip service for some superhero girl talk. Listen as the ladies discuss if background checks are necessary when dating a new person, coming clean about past relationships so you’re not surprised when another woman kisses your boyfriend in the club (yes, that happened!), […]

  • I caught you!

    10 ways to find out if someone is cheating. 1. Credit card statements – You can find out a lot of info by credit card statements. Flight info, store info, location of purchases. 2. Credit Report – Addresses, type of accounts, joint accounts. 3. Trackers – You can place the trackers in a wallet or […]

  • Top Guys You Might Be Miserable With…

    1) The Mama’s Boy- Being compared to this lady or trying to compete with her is torture. She’s overbearing and too hands on and he allows her to be. She tries to school you on how to take care of her son. Any way other than her way is the wrong way. He runs to […]