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Lip Service Part 3: August Alsina, Angela Yee, GiGi Maguire & Stephanie Santiago

Lip Service Part 3 of 3

Lip Service Part 2: August Alsina, Angela Yee, GiGi Maguire and Stephanie Santiago

Lip Service part 2 of 3

LIP SERVICE PART 1: August Alsina

Lip Service Part 1 of 3 Every Wednesday

Patrice O’ Neal on Lip Service

Patrice O’ Neal on Lip Service

Lisa Raye on Lip Service

Lisa Raye appeared on Lip Service in September 2009. She explains her relationship with Reverend Al Sharpton, her divorce, and her role as the first lady [...read more]

Mama Jones On Lip Service

Check out these vintage clips of Mama Jones on Lip Service from August 2008.  She talks about if Jim’s friends try hit on her, what [...read more]

Clipse On Lip Service

Clipse were featured guests on Lip Service on July 28th, 2008. The ladies caught Pusha T and Malice off guard, apparently they didn’t know what the show was [...read more]

Saigon’s Infamous 2007 Lip Service Appearance

Can you believe it’s been over 3 years since Saigon’s classic Lip Service appearance?!?  Oh you remember, the time he threatened to punch a girl in [...read more]

Jae Millz Talks About the Night Huddy Died

Jae Millz recalls the night Huddy Combs passed away. They were out together, and Jae Millz had been drinking but his boy Al Shep took [...read more]

Big Sean Happy To Be On Def Jam, But…

Big Sean made his first appearance on Lip Service and we discussed the whole Def Jam controversy that’s been happening. Both Nas and Shyne recently [...read more]