Bone Thugs and Omarion Get Serviced


Lip Service was high-larious last night with Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone and Flesh N Bone all in the studio (Bizzy is in some sort of court ordered rehab).

The Bone brothers (Yikes!) talked about who is the best brawler in the group, how they perfected their new bar-for-bar style on their upcoming album, Uni 5: The World’s Enemy, and how Layzie is a Grandfather!

Sweet little Omarion also stopped by and shared his near criminal behavior in the bedroom before indulging in a little Pillow Talk with Sexxy Milani and a drunken Mileena Hayes.

Here are the highlights:
Flesh N Bone on fighting in prison: “One of the last fights I was in I bloodied the nigga up so bad, I whooped his ass from one end of the gym to the other, and the nigga, they had to send him to the infirmary. He was laying in a puddle of blood when I was through with him.”


Layzie Bone on being a Grandpa: “My wife know what I do out here in this world, I got grand kids now, I got grown kids, it don’t stop man.”


Omarion on the status of B2K: “Never getting back together, 2009.”


Omarion’s morbid pillow talk: “I’m looking at you in your eyes and I’m telling you like nigga, I’m giving all this love away nigga, tell me you’ll die for me nigga.”


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