BG Talks Daiquiri Shops

BG stopped by “The Morning After” to promote his Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood album, and I was surprised because this was right after his arrest, and I thought he wouldn’t make it. I’m glad he did, because he kept me truly entertained.

BG describes his most recent arrest after leaving the daiquiri shop in New Orleans. I’ve never been to NO but I might have to go after this interview. Where else can you get a drink at a drive thru window???

“They waited for me to leave the daiquiri shop and they accused of us making a turn without using a turn signal and that was they proper cause to pull us over, and when they pulled us over they found 3 guns in the car. As of right now none of them are mine… One of my homies tried to take all the charges but they wouldn’t let him because they figured he was doing it for me.”

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