Angela Yee

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  • Extravagantly Cheap

    I have a problem. I just bought 7 pairs of shoes at the Louboutin sample sale and the only reason I stopped at 7 was because they had a limit. I considered offering a stranger on line cash to purchase that 8th pair I wanted so badly, but instead I painstakingly parted with a pair […]

  • Lip Service The Blog: I Forgot To Date!

    Either we forgot how to date or we never knew how. I think people need to take more time in selecting the right person for themselves. There’s many reasons why people skip the dating process. Some of the reasons are because people have sex too fast, they’re trying to get over a break up or […]

  • Lip Service Episode 39 Ft. T.I. and London Jae

    TI and London Jae give tips to Angela Yee, Stephanie Santiago and Gigi Maguire on how to keep a long-term relationship exciting, masturbating as part of an everyday ritual, staying with a female after she gets caught cheating and porn playlists. They play the drinking game “Never Have I Ever” and TI admits that he […]

  • The Urban Daily “Black History Retold” Series

    To celebrate Black History Month, The Urban Daily will be reviving its “Black History Retold” series. The initiative began last year as we featured celebrities reading excerpts of works authored by some of the most influential figures in Black History. To kick things off, Angela Yee, beloved NYC radio personality, reinvigorated a portion of one of  Fredrick […]

  • Kimberly Smedley Discusses How She Ran A Black Market Butt Injection Business

    Special guest Kimberly Smedley appeared on The Breakfast Club. She discusses being a licensed cosmetologist, to supplying illegal silicone butt injections without medical training.  Kimberly reflects on the long term health risks that come along with butt injections.  Kimberly’s book “The Backside of the Story” includes the full story of her journey, her experience of […]

  • Lip Service Episode 38 Ft. Yo Gotti

    Right before releasing his new album “The Art of Hustle” Yo Gotti sits down with the Ladies of Lip Service (Angela Yee, Gigi Maguire and Stephanie Santiago) and discusses the difference between being a fan and stalking, expectations when you fly a female in, pregnancy sex, and identifies what makes a woman grimy vs a […]