New Interview!! Ghost Speaks On RZA’s Lawsuit!!


Angela and Ghostface sat down again today to talk about his new album “The Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City.” Little did we know that we’d find out even more gems about the one and only Ghostdini…

1. He’s Pro-Life:
(About Abortion) “I don’t like that…If you do it, don’t tell me…That’s a body there…”

2. He understands why RZA is suing him:
“This is what he do…We talk, we seen each other in court…At the end of the day this is business…”

3. He likes Hurricane Chris as an MC…

4. He has kids with RZA’s sister…and he thinks RZA would sneak-snitch on his infidelity on the road…
“He prolly would say something and then laugh…He funny like that…”

Check Out The Entire Interview
[audio:http://teamyee.tv/audio/Yee _w_Ghostface.mp3]

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