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Ask Yee

Ask Yee (Relationships, Sex, & Inconvenience)

Gee started messing with a woman when they were just friends but they’re constantly arguing┬ánow that they are in a relationship.
A woman wants to know if it’s a good idea to get bedazzle jewels around her vaginal area as a surprise to her boyfriend.
A woman wants to know how to tell her friend to stop inconveniencing her all the time.

Antonio wants to start a relationship with a guy who just moved to the city.
Shonda is stressed out that she hasn’t spoken to her ex-boyfriend in two months.
Kev wants to know how to get his girlfriend to be more active in bed.


4 comments for “Ask Yee (Relationships, Sex, & Inconvenience)”

  1. So here the thing, I am married w/ no kids, (thx God!) We both know it’s over, we have 2 sell our condo, but it’s hard 2 live under the same roof!!!, w/o putting my life on the air???, can and well u help me? I only ask 1 other person 4 help, but they didn’t want 2 get involved,I not an staint, but I always been down 4 my wife, and feel bad because, I want 2 start a life w/o her! We been married 4 17+ years, okay, I don’t want 2 open all n 1 e-mail, thx 4 the ear

    Posted by willie | June 24, 2014, 10:20 pm
    • You need to stick it out with your wife. Both of you find a Life Coach. What is going on at this point in your marriage is there is a void, and the two of you need to find a way to communicate more effectively and fill that void. If you don’t then sir I am sorry to say you are going to find yourself in the same position again, and sooner than you think. And whether it’s her or you you need to intimately communicate and fill the void.

      Posted by Aubrey | July 11, 2014, 9:45 am
  2. Angela,
    I want to know what to do about a man who has disrespected and completely humiliated me yet he says he loves me and wants me back? In addition, he accused me of causing him much sadness over the past few months. I know you will want to know how he humiliated me. There are a number of things he’s done. However, in the essence of time I will name 3 major ones: When his ex came after me w/ a golf club I took her to court; he sent a letter to court on her behalf which hurt me to my soul. He then contacted me after court and told me he only did it because he owed her $3K for bailing him out of jail on a DWI, and that she bribed him. Silly me, I took him back, lost trust, dumped him, he begged me back, I did not go back so the next thing he did was call me so I could hear him having sex with her over the phone then he lied and said he did not do that… It’s been a lot so I will get to the last and major thing which caused me to never ever answer another call from him. During the 2013 Super Bowl I returned a text to him from the day before (Saturday) and he did not respond so I knew he again lied to me. Therefore, I sent a text telling him this, and I will paraphrase… I told him I didn’t want his limpy drunk-azzed penis anyway cuz he couldn’t get it up if Antarctica landed on it, balls/scrotum so soft and livermushy you can stick a needle right through’em…. He then put his ex on the phone, had her yell derogatory remarks at me, and for one hour humiliated me in the presence of his friends at his friend Tyrone’s house. While his balls are mushy and his penis is limp I loved him. But I cannot take him back, and he’s begged me, told me he was only with his ex b/c of the DWI and he has to have someone take him where he needs to go… I think I already know the answer but I need another perspective. You can read this on the air, and get responses and talk about it so I can hear just let me know when….

    Posted by Aubrey | July 11, 2014, 9:30 am
    • There’s a Girl I know. I don’t know if I would Call her my Friend but we have gone out a few times and given each Gifts before on Special Occasions. We have each other’s phone number but don’t speak to each on a Regular Basis. She has a Man whom I’m cool with. They have been together for a while and I have been with my Man for quite a while as well. They know of us being a couple, like we know that they are togther. Lately her man has been making advances to me and lately he has just came out and said he wants us to sleep together. I would never do that to her. I’m just wondering how I should handle the Situation with her. She is the kind of Chick who Swears her relationship is perfect to people who really dont know her. But to the ones that do know her know how much he cheats on her. I don’t want to break them up but I kinda think she should know. Then again I know she will not do anything but I don’t want things to become awkward between her and I if I do tell her. Help me Please, I have know idea how to handle this situtation. If the shoe was on the other foot I would want to know. What should I do??

      Posted by Anaise | August 7, 2014, 9:48 pm

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