Ask Yee (Questions, Answers, & Advice)

John’s in a relationship but misses his ex-girlfriend and wants to get back with her. #AskYee
Tenisha was hit by a truck and wants to know if she should sue the company. #AskYee
Bilal’s been single for two years and wants to know where he can find a real woman. #AskYee

Cliff is having back problems but doesn’t have health insurance. #AskYee
Tameka wants to marry her longtime boyfriend but he had a child with someone else when they were on a break. #AskYee
Anonymous is dating a good woman but she’s boring in the bedroom. #AskYee

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  1. Nati G. says:

    First off let me tell you, I love your morning show. I follow it all the time v.i.a. Iheart radio and your YouTube page, my question is tho i heard you guys saying you will be telivised live on revolt tv as of march 3rd. And I have been waiting for it and to my disappointment you are not on yet? So are you guys going to be on revolt tv or is that over with?…. Please let me know either way!, thanks.

  2. Thatguywhowantstoknowwhat'sup says:

    Yee, What up with that box though?

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