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Romany Malco Talks ‘Think Like A Man’

BY Scott A. Marlowe

ON April 18, 2012

“I give you opposite sides of any argument, because in this country, people have the tendency to make you either or. You either the good guy or bad guy, you’re either the angel or the devil. I’m not giving nobody the opportunity to put me in that box.”

Romany Malco joined The Breakfast Club to discuss his role in the film Think Like A Man, relationships, previous engagement, Hip Hop roots and the one hit single with his group College Boyz called “Victim of the Ghetto”, living in L.A., moving back to his hometown of Brooklyn, new film A Little Bit Of Heaven with Kate Hudson and his new cartoon Unsupervised airing on FX.

“In the book [Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man], there was a section where [Steve Harvey] touched on certain types of people, certain types of men. One guy being the player, one guy being happily divorced, on guy being happily married, the other being the momma’s boy, and lastly the non-committer. The movie expands on those characters and tells you a whole story of how women and men, the games that they play, in the process of trying to get one another to commit, or to get what they want.”

Guess what role he plays in the film?