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Waka Flocka Talks Lyrics, Industry, Relationships

Waka Flocka stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about his new album Triple F Life, lyricism in hip hop, getting banned in 10 cities, PETA ad, OJ Da Juiceman’s whereabouts, earlier words for Wiz Khalifa, relationship with Gucci Mane, Slim Dunkin’s death and his thoughts on Slick Pulla.

“I don’t have no formula, I’m just here to be rapping and go hard. Ain’t no formula but I know before I came out, the sound in hip hop was totally different. Now you can name the top five and all their singles sound like mine, even the new guys. Everybody be sounding like us so I’m doing something right. I’m proud of what I did and I’m happy.”

“A lot of people is mad. You want me to tell you why they were mostly mad because they was out of there jobs. Like they’re sound of hip hop and how they was rapping Died when I came out. Immediately, it died. They had to dissect it for a whole year, that’s why I took over a whole year. Let em dissect it so the world could see how many people follow the sound. And it rejuvenated a lot of peoples careers, that sound.”

“One thing about me, I’m not going to change because people saying I’m doing one thing but that’s what got me where I’m at today. It’s not my fault that a person feels your music so much and [fight]. But you as a club owner or a promoter when you book a certain artist, you should already know how to handle your crowd. If you know you got Waka Flocka in your club, get security right. Most people that fight at my show be girls.”

“[The industry] is still wack. It’s too much celebrity in it. From the engineers, to the guy holding the camera, to the water boy, to the girl sitting next to him. It’s just to much celebrity and too much business. Like if somebody’s sitting in the room with you when you’re making a song, they think they deserve part of the song, like it’s crazy now, everybody’s a celebrity. I just got tired of it.”

“Nobodies worrying about nobody if they getting money. If they’re not getting money, they’re complaining because they’re trying to find the excuse on why they’re broke. If they was getting money, they would not be complaining. Because a person with money, why are you complaining?”


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  2. lol @ him not knowing what a lyrical rapper was..he’s in his lane. I’m def not a waka fan but hey he’s right he got hits on the radio…if that’s your goal …good shit..radio is wack tho and your lane will end..construction ahead! Road ends 100 ft while the lyrical artist will have longevity careers!

    Posted by DJ Bee | March 25, 2012, 8:45 pm
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  4. Work on… ;-)…

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