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Why Texting Is Killing Your Pimp Game

BY Vanessa Denis

ON March 13, 2012

A voice spoke to me and told me to address the men who improperly kick game using their cell phones and the Internet. As Aaliyah would say, “I’m sick and tired of the loose rap, you can keep that.”

To the men out there, you must do more to bag a shorty than to sit behind your computer or your cell phone thinking of clever lines to type or text. Keep reading and take notes.

1. Texting

Texting is convenient, but it’s made you guys lazy when it comes to snaggin’ a hot “lil thang.” Make sure you’re not the dude who texts “let’s go to the movies” and you’ve only had her number for five minutes! This does not count as a sexy invitation to go on a date, nope not one bit. Avoid this especially, if you’ve never had a conversation with or have gone out without her before. You also don’t want to ruin her view of you with random 2 a.m. text messages, now is not the time to ask about my day. Come on son, do better and try harder.

As an alternative, place a phone call to that special lady, shorty, honey dip, vixen, dime piece, bad b****, or whatever nickname you prefer to use, to see how her day went or to hear what she’s had for lunch. Even Biggie knew the rule, let’s reference a line from “Big Poppa:”

“Most of these n—– think they be mackin’, but they be acting/who they attracting with that line, ‘what’s your name, what’s your sign’/soon as he buy that wine, I just creep up from behind/and ask you want your interests are, who you be with/things that make you smile, what number to dial.”

Homie, do you fully understand what’s just happened? Biggie, took the circuitous route –look it up- to her heart and she easily whispered her number to his ears in response. Watch the video and listen closely to “Big Poppa” before communicating with the girl of your dreams or with her best friend.

2. Twitter

It’s true, you can meet your future beau online, but please use Twitter carefully when attempting to make this happen. It’s plain awkward to have one of your followers, maybe someone you’ve met at a party, tweet you the next day asking for your number or about your dating status, don’t do it and respect the DM!

We all aren’t as lucky as Juelz and Kimbella to find true love via Twitter, so gentlefools use it carefully. When in doubt, let her make the first move within that 140 character limit.

3. Facebook

Let’s say you’re “Facebook friends,” and you’ve known each other since high school or elementary school, and because you have access to her photos, you check them regularly.

If you’re the first person to “Like” or leave a “you look hot” comment for every uploaded photo, you’re not gaining additional brownie points. She may start to think you’re obsessed with her and proceed to limit your photo viewing access; you don’t want that to happen. As an alternative, make a mental note of the photo and use it as a conversation starter the next time you meet up.

Also, don’t be the guy who constantly sends personal messages or Facebook chat messages asking for her number or asking to go out. If you’ve been at it for the past six months and you haven’t a number nor a date, she not digging you man, leave it alone.

Alas, try building a real relationship with Tasha, Ashley, Kim, or Nicky. In fact, go on to establish a connection with her face-to-face, instead of hiding behind technology. Once you do this, you’ll have a better chance at licking the icing off, when it’s not even her birthday, you want that cake. Now, I pray you, go forth and be great!

DISCLAIMER: If you are just trying to tap that and are not looking to make this pretty face -or buttaface- your girlfriend, this does not apply to you.

Happy dating!

Words by @NessaLovesMUSIC