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Travis Porter Talks Guns, “Trains”, Debut Album

BY Scott A. Marlowe

ON March 2, 2012

Travis Porter joined The Breakfast Club including Strap who spoke on his arrest after he was caught with a gun in his bag at the airport in ATL. “It was a late night, we were in the studio, its just in the past now.” Charlamagne asks how he could forget he had a gun with him. “It was an honest to god mistake man. It was really just moving to fast, them early flights.

Angela asked if he feels like he needs to carry a gun and if people ever test them in the streets. Quez responds, “I mean like, you never know. We haven’t had a run in with somebody just like on some stupid stuff, ran up on us. But you never know. We dont walk around with security or 50 big dudes with us, it just be us three in the A.” Strap chimes, “People be schemin.”

They also discuss the inspiration behind “Fucked In The Car”, sharing hotel rooms and running trains on girls, and having a main chick. Strap talks about their new album scheduled for release in the summer saying, “Well really we got some titles in the work but we don’t want to put it out yet. We got so much stupid music though, the album gon show a lot of growth. We treat our mixtape really like an album, but this is our first debut album. We put so much time into it.”