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Get The Look with Geometric Prints and Blazers!

BY Vanessa Denis

ON February 29, 2012

Ladies, let’s get to chatting about looking fashionably fabulous with trends taken from the stars because they are not the only who should hold the secrets of looking snazzy.

Let’s start with Kim Kardashian who never fails when it comes to finding the dress to compliment her feminine to silhouette. Kim has been seen wearing a 3/4 length sleeved dress with a geometric print made with the stretchy bodycon fabric to hug your body. See the pictures below on how to get the look:

Blazers are always give an outfit an instant boost with a touch of chic without sacrificing comfort and celebrities like JLo and Beyonce have been seen out wearing a bight-hued blazers. Spring is around the corner making it a perfect time to embrace color!

See pics below on how to achieve the perfect look with a yellow blazer.

Check out for more trends.

“All Yee Everything” via Twitter @TeamYee.