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Get The Look with Geometric Prints and Blazers!

Ladies, let’s get to chatting about looking fashionably fabulous

The Decision (Jennifer Vs. Ebony)

New week, new decision…

The-Dream Talks Love, Songwriting, Relationships

The Breakfast Club interviews The-Dream

The Breakfast Club: Three The Hard Way

The Source interviews The Breakfast Club

XXL Checks In with Angela

XXL interviews Angela Yee

Angela Shares Tips For Healthy Living

Angela’s Eating Healthy On-the-Go and Shares Tips

Jennifer Williams Talks BBW, Drama, Divorce

The Breakfast Club interviews Jennifer Williams

Donkey of the Week (National Enquirer)

Find out why after the jump…

The Freezer (Omarion)

The Breakfast Club throws Omarion in the Ice Box

Hoe Appreciation (All-Star Weekend)

The Breakfast Club honors all the hoes going to NBA All-Star Weekend