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Kevin Cossom Talks Songwriting, Debut Album

BY Scott A. Marlowe

ON November 30, 2011

Kevin Cossom is a Grammy-nominated songwriter who has written for various artists including Rick Ross (“Usual Suspects”), Keri Hilson (“Knock You Down”), DJ Khaled (“Victory”), Fabolous (“My Time”), among others. “I wrote more [songs] than I sang on,” Cossom says.

Angela Yee asked about his transition from songwriting to singing. “I feel like most songwriters are already singers,” Kevin says. “You got to know how to sing. You already want to be an artist but maybe they tell you that you can’t get in because you’re ugly, or maybe something else. But there’s a lot of different reasons why.”

Charlamagne Tha God asks Kevin if he always wanted to be an artist. “Being an artist was always primary,” he says. “I got a publishing deal before I got a record deal so that kind of popped off first for me and also helped me get a deal.” Cossom says, “My first big hit that I wrote was a joint called “Go Getter” for Young Jeezy. Of course I always wanted to be on it. But somebody like R. Kelly, it makes more sense. It’s helping the record. He’s R. Kelly. It makes the record an even bigger record than this new guy.”

C Tha God asked about his mixtape and giving away music for free. “I look at it as an investment,” Cossom says. “Before a mixtape was like a plus, like a treat. But now you got to do it. The consumers are expecting it. If you don’t have a mixtape it’s like, ‘Who are you? Why would I invest in buying your album?’ I think it’s something that’s important. Me being a songwriter and I’m signed to a producer, Danja. I think we kind’ve have an upper hand with being able to put out a lot of material with not really having to worry about how much it’s going to cost.”

Cossom was picked up by RCA when Jive folded. He’s writing for Justin Bieber‘s new album, working on a mixtape with Ace Hood, and recording his debut album. He wrote and is featured on Pusha T‘s new single “Feelin’ Myself”.