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Trina Talks Relationships, Monogamy

BY Scott A. Marlowe

ON November 22, 2011

Trina visited The Breakfast Club to talk about relationships, being monogamous, penis size, and more. Trina says the worst present she ever received was a fake Louis Vuitton bag and that she loves shopping at Wal-Mart. She’s working on her 6th album and has new label situation, but can’t say where yet. She talks about possibly starring in Love and Hip Hop Miami. They talk about Trina’s ex Kenyon Martin getting her lips tatted on him and she explains her appearance on La La’s show when she said she still loved him.

Charlamagne Tha God asks her about signing with Rick Ross and Maybach Music Group. “You’ll always see me and Ross,” Trina says. “Ross is like a part of my family. I been around Ross my whole entire career. He’s always there when I’m in the process of doing an album. This particular album though, he has a lot more say so and a lot more structure. I’m excited about it. It’s great for him to be able to come to the studio and work with me and understand where I’m at and what I want to do. Just to be there to give me different types of ideas for different records. So I’m excited about that.”

Angela Yee asks if a man can be in a monogamous relationship. Trina says, “I believe a man can be in a committed relationship but they’re definitely going to slide out and do some other stuff. It’s just natural.” Angela asks if she would forgive a guy for cheating. Trina replies, “I’m not monitoring your shit. So I’m not going to say I want to watch and know everything you do. If I find out, of course I’m pissed. I don’t like cheaters. I just know as women and the reality of it is men are going to do their thing. As long as you don’t know and it’s not in front of you, then it’s nothing. You can’t do anything about it unless you knock on a door and catch them in the act.”

DJ Envy asks if she indulges. “If I’m in a relationship then no,” Trina responds. “I like to stay with the one person I’m with. It’s just easy because if I’m happy, it’s nothing else to look outside. If I’m not happy in a situation, it’s no such thing as doing my thing, I’m just out.” They talk about men and women cheating for different reasons.

Angela asks how important a mans penis size is. “It’s really important,” Trina says. “I’m just being real. Honestly, if you’re a man, there’s nothing you can do about it. If your size is just small, that’s just what your born with. But size to a woman, it matters. And if they tell you it don’t, I think they’re telling a lie. Because you need to have a good size. Something that’s going to get your back out and make you feel good. Otherwise, you’re going to be looking for something else.”

So what’s a good size for Trina? “I like 11 inches,” she says.