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Lush Sweet Lip Care

Women of Team Yee, let’s get into lip-care today.
Recently, when chatting to a girlfriend about my lipstick, which seems to clump or peel throughout the [...read more]

Hoe Appreciation (Ashton Kutcher)

The Breakfast Club honors Ashton Kutcher for Hoe Appreciation.

Videos of the Week

New music videos this week by Adele, Novel, Verse Simmonds, Musiq Soulchild, and Ray J.


Listen to five songs from GLC’s PLAYLIST.

Plaxico Burress Talks Jail, New Beginnings, NY Jets

Plaxico Burress joined The Breakfast Club to discuss his release from prison and playing again in the NFL for the New York Jets. DJ Envy [...read more]

Tokidoki: Punk Lashes

Most of this summer involved me fantasizing about a mascara that will go on leaving a ‘pop’ instead of a layering a coral black. Back [...read more]

Ask Yee (Pregnant 17 Year Old)

Kira is 17-years old and she’s 3 months pregnant. She’s nervous about keeping the baby and hasn’t told her parents yet. What should Kira do? [...read more]

The Decision (Cheryl Vs. Renard Vs. Hiroki)

Renard brought his wife┬áCheryl to The Breakfast Club to confront her because she’s disrespectful and acts “ghetto.” Renard also tells Cheryl that he’s leaving her [...read more]

Nail Care: Gel Perfect

You can never go wrong with proper nail care and it always brings the boys to your yard. The brand behind the magic is Nutra [...read more]

Mind Games with Mindless Behavior

Mindless Behavior is a group that was formed a couple years ago with four singers. The 14-year olds stopped by The Breakfast Club for the [...read more]