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Tanya Williams Talks Jayson Williams, Basketball Wives LA

Tanya Williams is the soon to be ex-wife of former NBA player Jayson Williams, and she stars on the new season of Basketball Wives LA. Jayson is currently incarcerated for accidentally shooting and killing his limo driver in 2002. DJ Envy asked Tanya about staying with Jayson throughout all his legal problems, alcohol abuse, and other issues. “All those things come together and make you be someone you don’t want to be,” she says. “Hopefully when he comes out, he’ll be a healthier person. He can step into my children’s life and be the man he’s supposed to be.” She said everybody deserves a second chance.

Charlamagne Tha God asked if taking someones life has affected Jayson psychologically. Tanya responded, “Absolutely, it was an accident. Theres not question it was an accident. Could it have been avoided? Probably. Because at the end of the day, if someones in your bedroom, you just don’t show off your guns. Because accidents can happen. But he’s done his time. Hopefully he comes out and gets a second chance. Hopefully he can step up and be a father to my children that he hasn’t been. And I’m hoping for that.”

Tanya discusses Jayson’s problems saying “he was able to mask it” around her and that “he didn’t show that side.” Once the trial began, then “he started to crack.” Charlamagne asked if his leg injury was what started his downward spiral. “He had a great opportunity though [after basketball], she said. “He was on NBC Sports. He had that, and he was enjoying himself. But when your on top of the world, you think you can do everything. And as soon as that gun went off, everything changed. People were your friends, but you lost a lot of friends. Corporate America was like ‘buh bye.’ NBC said ‘see ya later.’ And he had to deal with a lot of people having a really strong opinions about the action. It’s the consequence. Someone’s dead. and he’s alive. Just because he’s had to do all this stuff, it’s alright compared to the fact that someones life is gone.”

Angela Yee asked Tanya about Basketball Wives LA and why she wanted to be on the show. “People think reality TV is scripted,” Tanya says. “This is real. ‘Basketball Wives LA’ is real. When you see peoples personality, thats who they are. I’m going to be me, and all of me. I am passionate. I been through a lot. I speak my mind.” Envy asked her if she gets into any physical altercations on the show. “I am the celebrity spokesperson for the national domestic violence hotline,” she says. “I can not go around punching people out.”

Angela asked her what she tells her kids about their father. “My children were very very young when all this happened,” Tanya said. “So they didn’t even know about the shooting until after he went away. I sat down and spoke with them and I said, ‘I’ve always taught you about accidents and consequences. Daddy had an accident. He’s taking responsibility. Here’s the consequences.’ So at a very young age, they said thats the right thing to do. Now there 7, 8, where they’re really understanding, there a little embarrassed about it. So its good with the timing that he’s coming out now because I don’t wan’t them to be pressured with having to make up something. I tell them never lie about it, its not your stuff. So the timing is blessed. He’ll be out and they don’t have to stay away from the daddy conversations.”


7 comments for “Tanya Williams Talks Jayson Williams, Basketball Wives LA

  1. The other wives make her out to be some high class spiritual woman that loves running her mouth about “wisdom of the wise” but from 105.1 interview you can definitely tell that she’s well educated and down to earth. Second, if they act like grown mature women, maybe they would’ve found out that she’s a spokeswoman for Domestic Violence and not a highnose phony waiting for the bus.

    Posted by Brooklyn28 | September 14, 2011, 4:49 pm
  2. I love Tanya’s responses to the questions asked in this interview. I was so lookuing foward to watching her on the show but after the 9/11/2011 episode I knew Jackie, and Imani would reject her. She’s for to intelligent and savvy to subject herself to the likes off them. Hope to hear you speak in person one day Tanya.

    Posted by Helen Lewis-Rent | September 15, 2011, 5:40 pm
  3. please please please spell the English language correctly!!! Whoover wrote this needs a tutor! You wrote, “…now there 7,8″. It should read, “now THEY’RE 7,8.” Same mistake a few words away. “THERE a little embarrassed”, and once again, same correction, “THEY’RE a little embarrassed” They’re, as in THEY ARE. Whites already think we’re illiterate, please STOP SHOWING THEM.

    Posted by Niecy | September 16, 2011, 7:31 am
  4. What happen to tanya because they don’t so her in the opening credits to basketball wives L.A…the rest of the females on that show is so nosy and ghetto..tanya bring education and class for African American Women

    Posted by rick | September 19, 2011, 5:42 pm
  5. Also the lady Jackie gets re-married every year…that’s cool but she goes all out for the wedding every year is just a waste of money and that is stupid, and she has the nerve to judge other people…most of them chicks on that show is hypocrites and classless …the regular basketball wives with shaunie and company is so much better

    Posted by rick | September 19, 2011, 5:49 pm
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