Gloria Govan Talks Basketball Wives LA, Matt Barnes

Gloria Govan was one of the original cast members of BBW and is now starring in the new series, Basketball Wives LAAngela Yee asked about her sister Laura fighting with Malaysia on the first episode. “My sister of all people, I was so upset,” Gloria says. “When I realized what it was really about, I couldn’t really be mad at her. She was going through so much stuff. They made up, which I love. So quickly, so classy. Then we kind’ve  just chilled after that. Unfortunately, that was kind’ve the only thing really going on [as far as] confrontations.”

DJ Envy asked her about the text she sent Malaysia after the fight. Gloria laughs, “When I saw that, I was like, ‘Oohh, I’m so ghetto. Look at me getting all tough. Who am I?’ You know how I feel about family. I wasn’t there at the lunch. So I was just really upset. And I got so many different stories. Everyone was telling me something like, ‘She attacked your sister. She did this. I was like what?!”

Gloria talks about the new series saying, “When we got traded to the [Los Angeles] Lakers, I was like, ‘Oh cool, I’m done. I get to wash my hands of ‘Basketball Wives.’ But then they were like; ‘Listen, you get to have the opportunity… you get to have the authority to film.’ Originally, I reached out to 20 different basketball wives. But it was so difficult because of ‘Basketball Wives Miami.’ Alot of wives were like no thank you. A lot of the husbands were like, ‘If you film basketball wives, I’m going to hurt you.'”

Angela asked her about Draya‘s connection to the show, since it’s unclear which basketball player[s] she’s affiliated with. “You got to stay tuned,” Gloria says. “It’s going to blow your mind how she’s involved, Trust me!” She talks about meeting Draya at an acting class and discusses doing Shakespeare on the first episode, saying she knew they were going to make her look stupid.

Angela asked her about her relationship with Matt Barnes and if the rumors of them breaking up are true. “Didn’t we break up a year and half ago?” Gloria says. “I’m so tired of that. No, we’re fine. I say this all the time. Relationships aren’t a job, but it’s work. We, like everybody else, go up, go down, that is were it’s at.” She discusses the the shows affect on her relationship saying, “All of a sudden, we were underneath this magnifying glass. Everything we said, we did, was recorded, taken out of context, or scrutinized. It was like, ‘Whoa!’ We broke up. We supposedly broke up a year and a half ago. Supposedly [Matt] got a love child in 8 different states.”

When discussing peoples perception of Basketball Wives, Gloria says, “People are like, ‘You guys need to be classier, you guys need to be women.’ But then we would be boring. We would be so many other things, if we weren’t dramatic. At the end of the day, people want drama. When you give it to them, they hate it. When you don’t give it to them, they hate you. You cant really win. I said the same thing. I wanted to be classy, but at the end of the day, that wasn’t going to get ratings. You have to bite your tougne, bite your lip, [and say,] ‘Well I do want people to watch the show’.”

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    • freida groce says:

      First of all Gloria and s couple of others aren’t wives. Every last one them got their man some kind of way so stop hateing on Draya. She is beautiful,young and full of life just like yall were years ago…that made a lost of mistakes. Jackie please baby you making yourself look more stupid and crazy. Draya don’t even no u invite Ur family and friends that u probably don’t have to Ur senseless wedding or fake wedding!!! You can’t stop that man from doing what he do I don’t cate what u do he gone get him so more ass Bcs u look old and out of shape! He still look fresh. If u wouldn’t run in behind him so much maybe u would look the same. Stop tryn took act like a thugs Bcs if the right one come along u will get Ur ass kicked like Laura did and her sister hone keep runnin hers and the same gone happen to her. All…bark but 0 bite Shanni gone get that ass one day. Draya they haten baby u got the body and u making Ur own money so I ain’t made at u let them get they fat Ass on that pole. If Jackie Ass would have ask me to dance at her wedding being funny of course I would have done it and let Doug drull over me in her face lol Fake Ass non mutha fuckn factor bitches. Keep taking care of Ur son Draya stop fuck them jealous bitches!!

  1. timira says:

    At the end of the gloria is noooo wife, ill tune in when she’s a wife.

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