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Angela Picks Ghostface as Wu-Tang’s Most Underrated

BY Scott A. Marlowe

ON July 26, 2011 asked Ms. Yee to pick which Wu-Tang member/affiliate she thought was most underrated.

I’m going to have to say Ghostface Killah is SOHH Underrated. Obviously I’ve always been a huge fan of the entire Wu-Tang and I really enjoy Ghostface.

I really liked when he did the whole R&B and hip-hop album [2009’s Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry]. I love when Ghostface does collaborations with R&B artists. Some of those are my favorite songs that he’s done. And I love the way that he rhymes and tells these vivid stories where he’s naming these people and places but you have no idea what he’s talking about.

I’ve always been a huge Ghostface fan. I’m a fan of artists that can put emotion into the music and aren’t scared to show who they really are. I feel like Ghostface has never really gotten everything that he should have gotten even as his personality. Even when you talk to him about some of his theories about relationships and life, he’s a hilarious person.

I always felt like he needed his own show or something like that. I felt like he didn’t really get the push all the time that he should have gotten to really be as legendary as he is.