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PLAYLIST: Dan Charnas

BY Scott A. Marlowe

ON December 23, 2010

Dan Charnas, author of The Big Payback: The History Of The Business Of Hip-Hop, checks in for this weeks edition of PLAYLIST.

Preview of The Big Payback, from

Cash Money Records Stiffed The Woman Who Got Them Their Landmark Deal: Wendy Day worked for free for the better part of a decade, helping Rap artists out of bad deals and helping them negotiate good ones. But the first time she charged a fee, she got stiffed. And that’s when things got complicated…
See The Big Payback,pages 522-528

Eminem Refused To Betray His Original Producers After Signing With Dr. Dre: The Bass Brothers shepherded the career of Eminem from his earliest days in Detroit. But when Eminem was offered the deal of a lifetime, he refused to leave his old partners in the dust…
See The Big Payback pages 521-522

Damon Dash Founded Rocawear For Spite: Some people are crushed by rejection, and others motivated by it. Damon Dash founded Rocawear when a well known clothing company rejected his client Jay-Z’s endorsement offer. Of course, Rocawear now dwarfs that other company…
See The Big Payback page 598

L.L. Cool J.’s “Going Back To Cali” Is Not About L.L. Cool J.: The title for the landmark song from 1987′s Less Than Zero soundtrack was suggested by the song’s producer, Rick Rubin, and had a very personal meaning for him…
See The Big Payback pages 188-189